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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Open Day !

annyeonghaseyo! Bonjour ! Assalamualaikum bg yg islam. Onew! Why you so cute ! And when you smile,the world stops and stares foe awhile. Cause Onew you're amzing,  JUST THE WAY YOU ARE... 

okay,stop about Onew. Now, Open Day? When? Where? Muahahaha. When ? Tomorrow. Where ? At My School. And 2 words enough for me to say about my feeling tomorrow ..

why? First, I'm weak in communication skills. Second, the weather will be hot. third, i'm kinda nervous in front of many people. Fourth, saya diberi amanah untuk jaga Kupon. Yaa!  Fifth, what else? Nothing. Perhaps. Oh my gosh!  I'm so scared. nasib baik saya bhgian yg served tu. kot saya bhagian kaunter. Alamtnya,lingkup la gerai no,9 'Sunday Chocolate Delight' disebabkan kelemahan kemahiran komunikasi. Muahaha.Damn. Onew oppa! can you give me a strength? *ayat minta penampor. 

can,can,can,can. *onew in my dreams pon berkata ... 
my goal is :
1. Control my anger. sebab ada malaun dalam kumpulan saya.
2. acting cuaca sejuk.Hot meh... Hot meh
3. Communication skills upgrade Peoplessssss. Sooo many maaa!
4. Being  a Boss For  A Day.
5. Dapat lariskan jualan gerai.

Nah,i'm done for today. Goodbye.! Anyeong ! Sweets dream. Sleep Tight ! 

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