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annyeonghaseyo!  Welcome to this page! This page will story-mory-cikebum-cikebim about The Owner of this blog! Errr... story? It seems,bnyk tentang saya ... We'll see! So...





  1. Nickname: Anis,and even Dibo or Doraemon (thanks chingu ku yg memberi gelaran tu sendiri. -..-)
  2. Age        :  16y/o (2015. Toniiiighhtt~ We Are Young!)  
  3. Hobby    : Reading(novel,comics exclude buku sekolah such as, sj or sewaktu dengannya), Surfing the   internet, Watch korean Drama!~ Hohoho! 
  4. Like soft and cute things
  5. Status    :    STUDENTS!
  6. Admirer at? : Taylor Swift! Furches Twins( instagram) Niga Higa! Hohoh!  And Two-X ! (ring ma bell... ring ma bell...)
  7. Wishing travel around the world. Terutamanya, Paris and Mekah (amin...)
  8. Ambition: Lecterur
  9.  Date of birth : 21.2.1999

 And one more thing! I'm proud to be Muslim! Sometimes,I'm a troublemaker too. So,jgn pandang rendah kat sya. *wink wink !  K-pop lovers! (50-50) Nah! Done finally! annyeonghi gaseyo! Have a good time reading  my blog!               

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